LAHORE  - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that the Lahoriites totally rejected the strike call given by the PTI leadership.

He said that business continued as usual in all important markets of provincial metropolis on Monday. He said that shops could not be opened despite desire of traders only in those bazaars and roads the routes of which were closed by PTI leaders and workers by burning tyres and placing fences and tractor trolleys.

The chief minister said that it is proved that had the people of Lahore been with PTI, its workers would not have to close routes of traders, torture people and snatch keys of vehicles.

Talking to assembly members, Shahbaz said that the incidents shown by various TV channels will remain a stigma for the PTI forever. He said that the world saw how a lady claimant of bringing change, wearing costly clothes, slapped a poor driver by pulling him out of his car.

The chief minister said that he is deeply grieved over the loss of precious human lives due to merciless politics of PTI.

He said that Imran Khan should realise that a number of ambulances could not reach hospitals due to his violent protest, lakhs of workers and daily wagers were deprived of livelihood and loss of billions of rupees was caused to the national economy.

Shahbaz Sharif thanked PML-N workers and Lahoriites who showed exemplary tolerance and restraint by acting upon instructions of the leadership and did not come on the roads.

He also thanked businessmen, traders, trade organisations and office-bearers of Chambers of Commerce & Industry who through their historic unity proved that they will not allow anyone to paralyse the national economy.

Zaeem calls it a flop show

Punjab government Spokesman Zaeem Qadri on Monday said that the passionate Lahoriites refused to participate in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) lockdown whereas few PTI activists cannot deprive the people of their rights.

The spokesman said that the provincial capital started its day with a normal routine and that governmental and public institutions were open as usual. Educational institutions also continued academic activities, he added.

“Is this a New Pakistan that aims at blocking the roads, shutting the shops and making the people suffer,” he asked.

Zaeem Qadri reiterated that the natives of Lahore rejected the call of PTI altogether.