LAHORE - Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed (SR) and Punjab’s former law minister Rana Sana (RS) are two senior leaders capable of passing witty, humourous, funny, punchy and lacerating remarks to suit all situations.

And because of their decades of political experience they know exactly what they should say to hit headlines. Both are popular among the journalists because they understand what would satiate their professional appetite.

On Monday, the two leaders targeted each other and passed such comments which were quite amusing for the common man.

SR, who is extending fullest support to Imran Khan in his ongoing protest campaign against the government, said: “We’ll knock the lights out of anyone who dared lock horns with us. And in case anybody tried to emulate Rana Sana (RS), protests will spread in every street of the provincial metropolis.”

The remarks showed that SR wanted to send a strong signal to the ruling PML-N leaders at a time when most of the city was shut in response to the protest call given by Imran Khan.

Some TV channels immediately approached the mustachioed leader from Faisalabad for his comments.

He replied: “I am very much in Lahore; Sheikh Rasheed should not just make provocative remarks, but also do what he threatens he will do.”

A few weeks ago, Sheikh Rasheed also passed some unkind remarks against PPP leader Bilawal, naming him Billo Rani, which amounts to challenging his manhood.

Rana Sana, on the other hand, calls KP Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak as “Teeli Pehlawan”, or a wrestler as thin as a match stick.