Punjab Parliamentary Secretary Information Rana M Arshad said that PTI would not succeed in his purpose by doing the politics of conflicts.

He said that the PTI should do positive politics instead of adopting negative attitude. He said that Imran Khan was bent on destroying national economy. He said that traders gave a proof of patriotism by rejecting the strike call.

He said that instead of criticising others, Imran Khan should show flexibility in his attitude and should not become part of foreign conspiracies against the country. He said that Plan-C was tantamount to a suicide attack on the economy. He said that the loss of more than 90 billion rupees was caused due to closing of Karachi for one day. What national service Imran Khan is doing by depriving the poor of their livelihood, he questioned. He said that the people had given the mandate for development instead of protesting against the government.