SHARJAH - Arguably Sharjah cricket stadium is the most attractive and crowd-pulling venue for not only Pakistan but also to India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh teams, and this venue has also a long tradition of hosting a record number of international matches.

Pakistan team although enjoyed tremendous support where ever they played in UAE, but Sharjah was completely different when it came to support of green caps. This venue always remained a happy hunting for Pakistan team and they always enjoy jam-packed crowd.

But after a passage of such long time, the venue needs some drastic renovation/maintenance and in dire need of installing latest equipments. Although these day, it doesn’t host same number of matches, yet it makes no sense of destroying a place, which has long tradition and home of a number of world records.

First of all, there is an urgent need to update washrooms, out-dated internet and old technology. Secondly, the media centre is in shambles and presents fish-market like look, everybody is free to enter where journalists are busy in performing their professional duties and there is no check and balance on commoners. The media centre is completely outdated, open area, seats are very old styled, and nobody bothers to even clean dust from the seats. Strong winds further aggravate the situation as there are no windows or glasses, which may stop the flow of winds and air coming thick and fast. Heavy traffic noise also disturbs the journalists, loudspeakers are installed there which prevents journalists from giving beepers or listening to important calls, even talking to each other is almost impossible.

The internet connections are not available, while ground staff provides chits on which codes are given, but these outdated means of communications are by no  means workable any more under present fast changing world.

The ground gives very old style look, as no proper maintenance/up-gradation is made by the ground administration. Heap of garbage, broken stairs and wet entrance add fuel to the fire. The ground also gives a ghost like look, as pathetic condition of the venue is hard to absolve for those who have witnessed the rise and rise of the same place in the past, which was the home of some of the past and present living legends, who look in grave pain while watching the same venue. A number of past greats not to be mentioned have expressed their utter disappointment and demanded the responsible ones to pay heed to such issues of grave importance and take steps to ensure ground remains in perfect shape, otherwise, little bit cricket left here will also be vanished.

Open wires also pose grave danger to kids or even adults, who can meet any untoward incident. The most important of all issues is the security, the persons standing at the entrance during the matches should be taught some manners how to behave with the spectators. They must be given proper and due respect as they are the ones who add beauty to it and their presence gave tremendous message to the cricket world. Their contributions in taking cricket to new heights in UAE could never been ignored.

The spectators always hold the key to help the players showcase their best. Sharjah was shining jewel in UAE’s crown and holds an unparalleled legacy. Abdul Rehman Bukhatir has made dream possible but now this place is losing its beauty, charm and due respect, hopefully, the authorities concerned will wake up from deep slump and restore the legacy before it is too late.