Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB) on Monday approved Security Package Document for coal power projects. These documents will now be placed before the ECC of the Cabinet for approval. The coal security package document will facilitate fast track implementation of indigenous coal projects at Thar Sindh, Salt Range Punjab, as well as imported coal projects, says a press release.

The agreements include the Implementation Agreement (IA) and the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The documents have been prepared by PPIB.

According to the Public Relations Officer, the document is coal specific and explained the procedures and guidelines regarding the IA and PPA.

“Since the coal based projects would be started first time in the country, so there was no coal specific IA and PPA, on demand of investors and other stakeholders. PPIB has devised coal specific procedures in a 200-page document. According to officials, the Board also approved extension of Letter of Support of the 100 MW Gulpur Hydropower Project to be located at Poonch River, District Kotli, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, in the meeting.

It is worth mentioning that despite approval the contents of the document are not shared with media and other stakeholders.