On December 12, there was no electricity for 12 hours in two provinces of the country. There was a functional fault in National Power Control Center (NPCC) that causes huge break down at Mangla, Tarbela and Ghazi Brotha power stations, which effected electric supply to various cities of Punjab and KPK. The problem was resolved with efforts of the engineers but this power collapse leaved a question for the nation, what the political parties had done in last 20 years. Pakistan is depending on two dams only, what will happen if a big problem occurs in power units and what about the time when these dams will complete their natural life?

We are being punished for one wrong step taken 20 years ago. If Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif had inducted the IPPs, only as a short term measure, and launched hydro power projects rather for the long term, Kalabagh dam today would have been storing 6.1 million acre feet of surplus flood water, generating 3600 megawatts of power and the oil guzzling IPPs would have been retired long ago. If big projects were started at that time, then today big problems like power-shortage, water-shortage, lack of jobs, hunger, poor economy, would not have been facing by the beloved country. However we still haven’t reached the point of no return; even now construction of Kalabagh dam can solve most of problems and if political parties can’t make mutual consensus on the issue them we should go for Dia Mir Bhasha and Dasu Dams but to start these huge projects there is need for political stability in the country.


Wah Cantt, December 13.