I recently completed my studies at Government College University, Lahore with BA (Hons). Now, I am preparing for the upcoming CSS 2015 examination, for which I visit Government Punjab Public Library daily. This library welcomes people from all walks of life without any age restrictions. From having a Children’s Hall to General Reading Hall, it is home to variety of books written in English, Urdu and Persian from which anyone, having a literary taste can quench their thirst. Its open landscape and serene atmosphere provides a conducive environment for studying and promotes a reading culture among public.

With all commendations, I would like to draw attention to a problem which most students face who visiting the library. The library actually does not have any canteen at present, at the entrance there is a small tuck shop which is locked, indicating that there once was a canteen. As most of the upcoming CSS students come from surrounding private hostels, lack of canteen is proving a waste of time for them. Last week students wrote an application and floated it among the students to sign but that attempt proved in vain. On behalf of all the students, I request the concerned authority to heed this request as it will help with the studies.


Lahore, December 13.