Terming the present democracy in the country dictatorship, Tehreek Istaqlal President Rehmat Khan Wardag urged the PML-N government to sincerely hold talks with the PTI leadership to get rid of the political crisis.

"Public is suffering because of the vested interests of the politicians," he said addressing a press conference here on Sunday. He said that the leaders were following dictatorship as there is dynastic politics prevailing in almost all the political parties. He said Imran Khan was playing actual role of the opposition while the PPP was clearly playing the role of friendly opposition.

He said price hike and unemployment can only be controlled by building big water reservoirs including Kalabagh Dam as only big water reservoirs could guarantee agricultural and industrial development. He said the parliamentarians are elected for legislation while the development projects are the duty of the members elected through local bodies elections. Wardag said if KPK government holds local bodies elections as per the promise, it would be a great success.

He advised the PML-N government to handle PTI sit-ins and protests wisely and democratically as mishandling would surely increase the popularity of PTI. He said because of Faisalabad issue, the sympathies of the people had diverted towards Imran Khan. He said if recounting in four constituencies had been done, the present situation would not have arisen.

He opposed the stay orders given by courts in the case of recounting and other issues pertaining to elections as delaying tactics in any case raises ambiguities. He said there is no town planning in the country and the people are migrating to cities massively which is certainly increasing problems for the people and the country. To a question, Wardag said that the two month to come were crucial for the government, and that there might be midterm elections in the country.

 To another question, he said that the right to vote be given to the overseas Pakistanis. He also demanded the government of acting upon the Watervision 2016. He said that those opposing the construction of Kalabagh Dam were not sincere to the country.