On the occasion of the first anniversary of the APS Peshawar terrorist attack, the Inter Services Public Relations Directorate has released a song in which the actors are the actual students of the school.

The music and appealing lyrics filmed on the smiling and determined faces on the students gives the song an overall heart moving and pleasing feeling.

The lyrics of the song start off with a strong message of lack of education that is leading to the current state of affairs in Pakistan and how the children wow to take revenge for the sons and friends by teaching the children of the enemy who killed the children of the APS.

The song has been well received by the people like the first song “bara dushman bana phirta hai,” was received, and will highlight the pledge to continue education and contribute to the progress of the nation.

Lyrics of the song:

qalam ki jo jga thi woh wahi hey

per uska name tak baki nahi hai

qalam ki nok per nukta hai koi

jo sach woh bla rukhta hai koi

woh jis bachpan mae thora aur jina tha

ma tumara khuwab chwwna tha

mujey maa us sae badla lene jana hai

Muje dushman k bacho ko parhana hy

woh jisko soch kar soti nahi ma

kitabe dekh ker roti rhi ma..

woh jiss ko soch k sooti nahi maa

kitabe dekh ke roti rahi maa

woh jiss ki wapsi ki raah takte

darwaza tu khula rakh day baba

woh ju sari nazaro se gira tha

tha na woh nisan jiss na khuda tha

mujhe maa us sy badla lene jana ha

Mujhe Dushman ke bacho ko parhna hai


The place of the pen is the same

But his (enemy’s) name is no more

There’s a spot on the tip of the pen

Can the truth ever be stopped?

The childhood that had to last a little longer

That one who snatched mothers dream

I have to go and seek revenge from him

I have to teach the enemy’s children

That thought that keeps you awake

Mother who kept crying looking at the books

For whose return does

Father keep this door open?

The one who fell in everybody’s eyes

The inhuman Godless person

I have to go seek revenge from him

I have to teach the enemy’s children

The one that left smiling in front of fear

The one who has gone

Leaving behind his schoolbag

A strange story he wrote before leaving

He left a sign in the books

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The one who left a kissable forehead in blood

The one who killed the dreams

I have to go seek revenge from him

I have to educate the children of the enemy.