We need to learn lesson from the Fall of Dhaka and the nation must make a strong commitment to rebuilding Pakistan afresh while observing the day on Wednesday (today), Veteran politician Makhdoom Javed Hashmi declared.

He was addressing a seminar titled “Debacle of Dhaka, Peshawar Tragedy and Our National Obligations” organised by Jamaat-e-Islami Multan on Tuesday. Hashmi informed that the leaders and workers of Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh are being hanged for the crime of loving Pakistan. He stressed upon the government to raise the issue at international level.

Referring to Peshawar tragedy, the veteran politician said that the martyrdom of innocent children united the entire nation against terrorism and now the nation backed Pakistan Army. He said that nefarious designs of all those talking of separation in Pakistan would never succeed. “We’ll have to turn Pakistan into a true Islamic state as our existence is subject to it,” he asserted. He noted that Pakistan would emerge as a leading country on international horizon if the nation exhibited unity. He said that the time was very near when India would disintegrate and Kashmir and other states would get liberation. He said that Pakistan had to lead Muslim world. He said that Bhutto conceived the idea of Atom Bomb while Ziaul Haq made it and Nawaz Sharif conducted the tests.

He said that the US and India hatched a series of conspiracies against Pakistan as they supported Mukti Bahini in 1971 and now those, who fought for Pakistan, are being hanged on Indian instigation. He said that the hangings are a clear violation of international laws. He pointed out that the members of Albadar and Alshamas sacrificed their lives for Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, president of High Court Bar Association Multan Syed Muhammad Ali Gillani said that the Fall of Dhaka was the third greatest debacle in the history of Muslims but “we did not learn any lesson from it.”

He said that Germany, Japan, Italy and other nations, who were defeated by the allied forces in Second World War, resumed their travel after reviewing the reasons for their defeat. “Today they are leading the world while one of the winners Russia has disintegrated while others including US are heading towards destruction,” he anticipated. He said that the JI is the only party whose workers and leaders sacrificed their lives for Pakistan.

Recalling the past, he said that the supporters of united Pakistan were identified, singled out and killed by the terrorists in 1971. “The terrorists reminded the nation of debacle of Dhaka through their barbarianism in Peshawar,” he regretted. He said that Islam does not permit killing any innocent person and all those involved in terrorism have no link with Islam.

Prof Munir ibn-e-Razmi said that Bhutto convened the conference of Muslim leaders and got recognised Bangladesh through a conspiracy. Mian Asif Akhwani said that the ideology of Pakistan is foundation of the country and its existence is subject to the existence of this ideology.

The seminar was also addressed by Dr Aurangzeb Shahzad, Kh Obaidur Rehman, Azeemul Haq Pirzada, Rafi Raza, Kanwar Siddiq and others. Later on, the participants of the seminar held a special prayer for the martyrs of Army Public School and Dhaka.