ISLAMABAD - The National Assembly yesterday accepted an amendment to include recitation of ‘Naat’ after the recitation of Holy Quran at the beginning of the proceedings of the house.

The lawmakers from both sides of the aisle lauded the addition of Naat-e-Rasool (SAW) in the proceeding of the House. Some MNAs also proposed to include ‘Hadit Shareef’ in the proceeding of the assembly with the inclusion of ‘Naat’ before the start of the session.

A suggestion was also floated to form a parliamentary committee for the selection of ‘Naat’, which will be recited in the lower house.

The amendment, to include recitation of ‘Naat’ after the recitation of Holy Quran, was moved by lawmakers from treasury benches Capt(R) Muhammad Safdar and Syed Imran Ahmad Shah.

“Amendment to include ‘Naat’ in the proceeding of the house is a good step,” said PML-N Capt(R) Muhammad Safdar, speaking on amendment accepted from the house unanimously. It is great honour for the House to adopt this amendment in the Holy month of Rabiul Awwal. “This is also a good sign as this amendment was approved in the month of Rabi-ul-awal,” he added. Syed Imran Ahmad Shah, another mover of amendment, congratulated the house for the amendment. “It is a good step to make it permanent part of assembly proceedings,” said Shah, adding that now this will become part of proceedings forever.

PTI’s Amjad Khan lauded the amendment to include ‘Naat’ part of the proceedings. “There is also need to implement Islamic teachings properly,” he added. A PML-N lawmaker Major(R) Tahir Iqbal lauded the legislation to include ‘Naat’ in the proceeding. “Those who participated in the legislation for ‘Naat’ are worthy for congratulation,” he added.

Maulana Muhammad Khan Sheerani from JUI-F appreciated the amendment to include ‘Naat’ as a part of the proceeding. “It will also be good to include Hadith a part of proceeding,” he said adding that the suggestion to constitute a committee regarding selection of ‘Naat’ should also be seriously contemplated. He further said that the recommendation of Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) should not be delayed to lay before the house.

Syed Waseem Hussain from MQM, on his turn, lauding the house for amendment also asked to implement Islamic teachings.

Sara Fazal Tarar from government benches proposed to form a committee for the selection of ‘Naat’, which will be recited in the house.

“With the selection of ‘Naat’ by the committee it will be taken care that religious sentiment of anyone should not be hurt,” she said suggesting to include one Hadith in the proceeding of the house.

PTI’s Ayesha Gulali, MQM Saman Sultana Jaferry, Shugfta Jumani, Sahibzada Yaqob and other also lauded the amendment in the motion.

Amendment in rule 48,69,112 of the rules and procedure says in the rules and procedure and conduct of business in the National Assmebly, 2007, the words ‘”the Holy Quran’’ and “Comma’ the word “Naat” shall be inserted .

Earlier, PPP senior lawmaker Syed Naveed Qamar criticized government for not constituting a committee to analyze the privatisation of PIA. “PIA workers are staging protest against privatisation of national flag carrier (PIA) but committee is yet to be formed,” he said.

Responding to the call attention notice, Minister for States and Frontier Regions Abdul Qadir Baloch said that payment of compensation for damaged houses during the military operation in FATA will begin soon. The government has released five billion rupees for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Unit set up in the FATA Secretariat for disbursement. Four bills “The National Commission for minority rights bill,2015’’, “The fair representation of women bill,2015’’, “The Pakistan Penal Code(amendment) bill 2015’’ and ‘The Islamabad Capital territory food authority bill, 2015’’ were also introduced in the house.

Amendment to the rules and procedure, presented by PTI lawmakers, regarding availability of copies of government bills at the start of session was also sent to concerned standing committee.