PESHAWAR: Though, one year has passed after the horrific attack on the APS, I still can’t believe that my son Hassan Zeb Shaheed has gone forever, Nasra Zeb, mother of Hassan Zeb told The Nation.

“My son, Hassan Zeb, 16, student of class 10, was apple of my eye, how can I put him out of my mind. He was intelligent and caring boy, I miss him too much” she said in a dejected voice.

Mohammad Tufail Khattak, father of Sher Shah Shaheed, 15, student of grade-10 said that he was still struggling to deal with the loss, but has been unable so far. “I had many dreams for my son and was always concerned about his future. But, all went in vain. It was a big tragedy so it has huge losses. I will not forget it,” he said.

Andaleeb Aftab, who teaches chemistry at the APS, was also injured, while her son Huzaifa Aftab, 16, student of class-10 was martyred in school attack. She says she finds no words to describe as to what she saw on December 16, 2014. “I cannot forget that day, because intensity of the APS attack is too much. It is not as easy as we think. Though one year has passed but I cannot forget it. I miss my son and will miss him forever,” Andaleeb said with tears in her eyes.

Mohammad Usman, father of Fazal Raheem Shaheed,13, student of class-8 while sharing his grief said that as the first anniversary of the APS incident was approaching, “it again recalls sweet memories of my son, whose desire was to join Pakistan army. It was a dreadful day, God should not show this day to anybody, because parents are unable to bear loss of their dears,” he said.

“Though, his name was Asfand Khan, but we called him ‘sonu’. My son Asfand Khan, student of class-10, age 16, whom, we are missing a lot, was a good football player of the APS team. We remember him. There is not any joyful moment at home,” Ajun Khan advocate, father of Asfand Khan said. In the same breath, he called upon government to build monuments at provincial headquarters of each province in the memoirs of the APS martyrs. “Asfand was the eldest of my three children, one girl and two boys. He wanted to be a lawyer like me,” Ajun added.

Stylish and handsome Mobin Shah Afridi Shaheed, student of class-10, age 16, the only son of his parents, was confident enough to top his class. My son was also Hafiz-e-Quran, and used to offer five times prayers regularly. My younger daughter Areeba, recalls Mobin Shah everyday. She does not like winter, because she says, they lost Mobin Shah in the month of December. My only son was fond of football. Mobin Shah wanted to become doctor and serve ailing humanity, but God given him more prestigious stature of being listed among martyred on the nation,” Dr. Farooq Shah, father of Mobin said.

“We still remember our lovely Humayun Iqbal Shaheed. Our eyes are always wet with tears since we lost him. My son was a student of class 8. He was 13 years old and had learnt 12 chapters (separa) of Quran by heart. My family is in tears, whenever, he comes under discussion, Humayun’s father Haji Mohammad Iqbal said. Haji Iqbal said Humayun’s brothers and sisters have now started writing poetry in his memory. He called upon the government to observe December 16 as national day.

“Dreams of my only son 15-year-old Mohammad Ali Khan Shaheed in class nine were dashed when this tragedy took place. Though one year has passed but we cannot forget the incident that has been imprinted on our minds. He would have been my support in old age but alas he is no more,” Shahabudeen, father of Mohammad Ali Khan Shaheed said. “December 16, has shaken my life. I will never forget it as it was this unfortunate day that ruined my whole family,” he said.

“Life of my whole family has been disturbed for good. We see every day as December 16 because on this day we lost our son 18-year-old Aimal Khan, who was a second year student. It was a doomsday for us. We cannot forget it. My son was car-racer. He used to participate in race compititons in Islamabad and Peshawar. Moreover, he was a good painter. I have turned his room into a library,” Attiq Akhtar father of Aimal said.

Arbab Feroz Khan, whose son 14-year-old Arbab Sadiq Ullah was student of class 8. “I have not forgotten my son even for a minute. He was not only a brilliant student but also a good human being. He was too close to his mother and his studies, and that’s why his mother and around 38 his school mates and teachers has seen him laughing in their dreams. He was regular in offering prayers five times a day. He was selected for an international maths competition. Before leaving for school on December 16, 2014, he four times asked his mother to forgive him if he had done something wrong in life. None of us could have imagined that it was his last day of life,” he said.

Tahir Khaleeq Malak, uncle of 14-year-old Shaheed Malak Hammad Aziz who was student of class 8 while talking to The Nation said it was a big tragedy that could never be forgotten. “Being a Muslim we think we cannot stop what has already been written as our fate”. Hammad Aziz martyred and earned a big name for Pakistan and his family. Though, he had died a year back, but we have yet to open his cupboard, because, we think, the whole family will weep again. God give courage to us to bear this big tragedy.

“Gul Sher was my life, so, how can I forget him” his mother Mrs. Nasir told The Nation in a choking voice. “Gul Sher was 13 years old and student of class 8. He was humble, respecting all. I will say, he went to the heaven (Janat) and left us all dead here. He is alive, but we died. My son was friendly and cooperative. He was fond of football. He always used to go with his football to his school. I will say that Almighty Allah has chosen all those who had died on that horrible day-December 16, 2014 to go to paradise,” she maintained.

Umm-e-Abdullah, mother of Abdul Azam Afridi Shaheed, 18, second year student, while talking to The Nation said that she has lost everything. “It was the worst day of our lives and I cannot forget it. My son Abdul Azam Afridi, was the youngest in my family. He used to say mom I will join Pakistan army. He loved poor people. I wanted to form a labour party to serve labour and poor people. He was polite. He loved martial arts, body-building and karate. He was simple and generous boy,” she said.

Ahmad Ali, father of Uzair Ali Shaheed, 13, eight class student, who was shot 11 times brutally said that Uzair was his first child and was adored by the entire family. “I try not to recall that black day, but all the time I fail,” he said adding that his son wanted to be an army officer and was certain he would be recruited. Uzair Shaheed was a house captain and like all parents he had high hopes for him but those dreams were quashed on that ill-fated day,” he said.

Prof. Shah Tehmas, grandfather of 15-year-old Shaheed Saad-ur-Rehman, student of class 9, while sharing his views said it was hard to forget his grandson. “We receive shocks everyday, because Saad-ur-Rehman comes under discussion daily. Though, he was too young, but he was brilliant with computer skills. He always assisted me whenever I faced any problem while using my computer. He was sharp. Despite the fact that he was not good in mathematics he loved science subjects. He used to play badminton and cricket. I really miss him whenever I see any person playing badminton,” the sad grandfather said.

Zulqarnain, student of class-9, age 16, who also embraced Shahadat in attack on the APS, was fond of getting higher education. He is still in our minds and we have not forgotten him, his father Syed Shah, said while talking to this scribe. “We all are certain, that death has no calendar, one-day it will come” he said and thanked government, general public and Pakistan Army for extending all out support to all bereaved families of the APS. He said that his son scarified his life for the nation. “I am proud of him. My son was intelligent, he was also fond of cricket and football and long driving.