LAHORE – Years of “Ideological Subversion”, a major factor that played an important part in dismemberment of Pakistan on the this tragic day in 1971.

Ideological subversion launched by hostile countries’ intelligence services on the target nations to change the perception of reality in a bid to destabilize the nations for achieving their interests in a particular country or region.

Yuri Bezmenov, an ex-press officer of Novosti, part of the KGB propaganda section, former soviet secret service in lectures to students of international relations in the universities of the west in early 70s revealed the role of KGB in the fall of Dhaka with the effective and successful use of ideological subversion tactic.

Bezmenov who defected to Canada in 1970 made the revelations about KGB’s major role in the fall of Dhaka in the light of his experiences and information he had being the key propagandist of the ex-soviet union’s dreaded secret service while posted in India till he crossed over to the west.

The hostile countries change with changing balances in the world political order but the tactics remain almost the same. What matters is, who use them effectively or most effectively.

Though it is also true that internal factors which could be many, do play a part allowing penetration of ideological subversion on a target nation but the question remains, does each individual has the complete understanding of everything happening around him/her.

In today’s Pakistan the name of the game is the same but players have been changed in the due course of history because of the changes in the world political order.

In one of the lectures, Yuri Bezmenov narrating the story of KGB’s role to assist separatist Bengali leaders said, “The KGB had launched ideological subversion operation which was part of active measures of former soviet union propaganda and disinformation programme in the former East Pakistan year ago before its dismemberment.”

“Former KGB targeted sections in East Pakistan were civil rights activists, intellectuals, academia, mass circulation newspapers, politicians, rich film-makers and leftist leaning military leaders. The agency had successfully recruited Communist and Leninist sympathizers in all the targeted sections to use them on a mass scale to advance ideological subversion operations,” said Bezmenov in a lecture to students of a western university studying the subject of international relations focusing states’ tactics to practice shadow strategies of diplomacy.

The radicalization on the mass scale to launch militancy came at a later stage when the practitioners of ideological subversion successfully subvert larger groups of a nation through demoralization techniques and confusing their views in their existing system of governance, he added.

“We in assistance to our strategic partner India to protect our interests in the region launched a slow but effective tactic under the name of ideological subversion to break the target nation from within and we succeeded,” he said.

Making a shocking disclosure about the fate of the perpetrators of so-called agents of change under soviet-sponsored revolutions, he told the audience that most of them listed for execution after the success of revolution. The first team never led KGB plans ahead. Sheikh Mujeeb was assassinated by his Marxist army generals who were the new Marxists.

In more exposures in that lecture, Bezmenov said, “Awami League leaders were educated in high party schools in Moscow as part of the ideological subversion plan. The Mukti Bahani guerillas were trained at KGB training facilities in Kremlin and Tashkent to achieve the final target of the ideological subversion, armed rebellion in East Pakistan.”

“The small arms like Kalashnikov assault rifles, rocket propelled grenade launchers and ammunition were sent to Dhaka University students in diplomatic boxes from former soviet consulate in Calcutta (India). The weapon boxes were labeled with printed material for the university,” Bezmenov told the students.

Intelligence community members told the paper on the issue, “Ideological subversion is on our country under new labels and names and we have neutralized some of the hostile countries’ facilitators which are creating sleeper cells for anti-state elements.”