PESHAWAR - National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa arrested NIB Bank’s manager Tehsin Ullah and two others for alleged corruption in acquisition of land for Workers’ Welfare Board (WWB).

The accountability body arrested the three after their bail-before-arrest (BBA) pleas were rejected by Peshawar High Court (PHC).

Ijaz Hussain and Ghulam Rasool are owners of the land. The three have been accused of corrupt practices in acquisition of 840 kanals of land for WWB for the purpose of construction of a labour complex at Shahi Bala, Peshawar, allegedly causing a loss of Rs200 million to public exchequer.

The inquiry reveals that the accused Tehsin Ullah served as relationship manager, and later, as branch manager in NIB Bank at Shoba Chowk Branch of Peshawar during 2012-13. The accused in connivance with the co-accused persons operated different dormant bank accounts in order to circulate bribes’ money. The accused aided, abetted and facilitated other accused persons in smooth transfer of bribes/kickbacks. The accused also opened fake/fraudulent bank accounts, wherein the said amounts were deposited and withdrawn in cash or transferred to relatives of other accused persons. The bank accounts of Ibn-e-Amin, Saleem Khan and Mian Fazal Subhan were being operated by accused Tehsin Ullah in order to hide the trail of money.  The accused Ghulam Rasool and Ijaz Hussain, the landowners, made underhand deal with accused Haider Ali Khan, attorney holder, officials of WWB and Revenue Department and sold or mutated excess land to WWB than his original share of land in Shahi Bala.

Tehsin Ullah was also arrested in another inquiry regarding corruption and corrupt practices in procurement of equipment by officials of WWB and others. The accused opened bogus accounts in the name of various firms and operated the same with frivolous intentions. He fraudulently received huge government funds through these bank accounts from contractors of WWB and got commission and kickbacks.