ISLAMABAD: PTI central leaders Shah Mehmood Qureshi have said report from Justice Faiz Essa is a charge sheet against federal and provincial governments.

“A government with no self accountability system stands deprived of process of rectification of its errors.Governments stubbornness and its desire for sticking to corridor of powers yields disastrous results. Justice Faiz Essa report is charge sheet against federal and provincial government”, he said this while expressing his reaction to Judicial Commission report on Quetta tragedy on Friday.

Federal interior minister, home minister and chief minister Balochistan should accept their failure and step down, he demanded.

Justice Faiz Essa report has exposed the realities about government and its institutions. There is no justification for interior minister and Balochistan chief minister and home minister to stay in their offices. Therefore, they should accept their failure and resign from their ministries.

He warned if Judicial Commission recommendations are not implemented then all will prove an exercise in futility.