GUJRAT - Not failure, but the fear of failure is the major obstacle in progress and success so the fear should be overcome to achieve the goals in life, participants of a training session held at University of Gujrat learnt.

The training session titled “Motivation for Professional Grooming” was conducted by renowned motivational speaker/trainer Qasim Ali Shah and organized by Business Incubation Centre (BIC) of the varsity.

Stressing the importance of the pro-activeness to achieve success, Mr Qasim Ali said, “A successful person always finds time to do something which seems to have little or no relevance to the present but it does have a significant future implication.” He defined the visionary approach or pro-activeness as a person’s ability to control or planning to deal with a situation before it actually happens. He said a visionary person is always clear about his future goals.

Expert BIC Muhammad Haider Meraj said the University of Gujrat was keenly focused on the development of professional skills among its students. “We aim to build a workforce of talented youth who are fully capable of serving the nation in various fields,” he said.

Director Media Sheikh Abdul Rashid, in his vote of thanks, said, “Promoting awareness of community development is the prime responsibility of the universities. Our youth are bursting with talent and intellect. Proper training and guidance can turn them into a force to be reckoned with.”

Tariq Malik advised the students to make the most of their best abilities by spending all their creative and intellectual energies for the promotion of best practices in the society.