MULTAN -  Veteran politician Makhdoom Javed Hashmi has suggested to the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to exhibit a responsible behaviour and refrain from making decisions like kings.

Addressing members of the District Bar Association Multan here at bar hall on Thursday, he added that it seems as if the country has turned into a monarch and the decisions are being made by a king. “I propose to PM Nawaz Sharif to transfer powers to the institutions and create new provinces. How the public’s problems will be resolved if the centre is run by a monarch and projects like orange train are launched?” he raised a question. He said that besides two thirds majority in the Punjab Assembly, the same statistics were needed in National Assembly and Senate for the creation of a separate province.

He was of the opinion that Imran Khan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi and other opposition leaders would have to sit with the Prime Minister otherwise political system would decay. He said that the parliament is a supreme institution and he would continue his struggle for the protection of the parliament till his last breath. He said that Pervez Musharraf did not address the parliament for three years due to the fear as the parliament was equally strong even at that time. He said that the parliamentarians made him flee even though his party was present in the assembly.

He said that the stance of opposition is justified that the speaker did not do justice with his office. He said that 12 new provinces including South Punjab should be created in the country to eliminate sense of deprivation from undeveloped areas. He said that he himself faced the accountability and all other leaders would have to face this process on public demand.

He said that the sense of deprivation would prevail until leadership from middle class came forth. “It is unfortunate that we don’t have political parties. All the parties are someone’s personal enterprises,” he added. He said that we committed mistakes due to absence of proper political democratic culture and consequently lost East Pakistan. He warned that our own people would chose to part their ways from us if we kept exploiting them.  He asked the government to resolve public’s problems on priority.

Referring to CPEC, he said that the nation was told about its benefits and huge income likely to be generated by the project. “But we need to exhibit utmost sincerity to move forward so that the country achieves economic stability,” he added. He said that the eyes of entire world are on Pakistan and even India has requested passage via Wagah while Russia wants passage to Gwadar. He said that if India tries to deteriorate the situation, it would disintegrate into 25 pieces. He said that India has 700 districts but its government has control over just 400.

Earlier, the chaotic situation took place when a senior member of the bar and PML-N supporter Shamasul Qamar Khattak suddenly approached Javed Hashmi and said the country may get rid of the US but the people did not know when they would get rid of Gillani and Hashmi. He accused Hashmi of changing loyalties frequently.

Responding to the criticism, Hashmi said that he is the only person who resigned from ministry thrice for the sake of democracy and strived for strengthening political system.