Islamabad - Relatives of PIA plane crash victims from Chitral Thursday held a candle light vigil in the memory of the deceased, and demanded from the government to accommodate the family members with jobs in government sector.

Nearly 50 people from the families of 19 victims who lost their lives in the tragic air crash gathered inside the National Press Club along with people from different walks of life and lit the candles in the memory of their loved ones.

Relatives brought pictures, flowers and placards inked with different demands from the government.

Family members of the deceased persons demanded transparent investigation of the air crash. They also demanded to eliminate the confusion amongst relatives regarding transportation of the dead bodies to far-flung areas of Chitral.

Talking to The Nation, Afnan Ali Shah relative of plane crash victim, Farhad Aziz and Tayyaba Aziz said that people from Chitral are uncertain about the arrangements of shifting the bodies.

“Relatives of Chitral people mostly didn’t stay in hotels, they in fact are living with their family members and other acquaintances in the federal capital,” he said.

He also questioned about late identification of victims from Chitral as out of 19 only four dead bodies have been identified and 15 are still remaining.

“It is very difficult to wait when you have to receive a dead body of your loved one,” he said.

He said, “We people from Chitral are losing trust on government arrangements”.

Afnan said though families will get the compensation from PIA but this step is not enough as some of the families have lost almost their entire family.

“Hassena Gul from Garam Chashma is the lone survivor in her family, and other like her must be given secure future,” he said.

Mohammaad Zahid another relative of the deceased from Chitral told The Nation that due to mismanagement, the family members in the hometown prepared the graves, but still identification process has not been completed.

He said the facilities provided to the people from Chitral in the federal capital are minors and only to reduce the public pressure, in such situation how people can believe on the promises of helicopter provision from the government. Shafaqat Ali said that winter season has started and Lowari tunnel is also blocked so there is no chance to take dead bodies by road.

Meanwhile administrator, PIMS Dr Altaf Hussain talking to The Nation said that all dead bodies will be identified till 17 of this month as announced earlier.

“Identification through DNA is a scientific procedure and no one can interfere in it,” he said.

According to hospital officials, total 27 dead bodies have been handed over to the relatives of the victims.