MIRPUR (AJK)-The AJK government on Saturday refuted a news report as baseless and fabricated that some projects of CPEC were dropped due to the state’s govt. A spokesperson for the AJK govt declared the news report appeared in a section of press unfounded and untrue. The spokesman, in an official statement issued late Saturday, termed the news report as baseless and fabricated. He said that the AJK government was no authority to join or leave the CPEC projects.

The spokesman further clarified that the PTI government at the centre had dropped many projects in its new budget including cancer hospital, Leepa tunnel, Jaglot road and other projects which were proposed to be established in AJK under Federal Annual Development Programme. He said that two projects from AJK were incorporated in CPEC including Mansehra-Muzaffarabad-Mirpur Mangla road and projects of economic zone.

The spokesman said that since veracity of the above material of the news was not investigated or verified before publication as a result false and baseless news provides wrong information to the people about the AJK government. “Not taking the viewpoint of the AJK government is a clear proof that ulterior motives are being achieved by publishing such news”, the spokesman added.