LAHORE  -   Senior Provincial Minister Abdul Aleem Khan on Saturday hinted at drastic changes in the governance structure, saying that capable officers would be encouraged for long-lasting betterment of the province. He was chairing a meeting of Advisory Council on Governance in Punjab here, while ministers and secretaries of 15 departments, Punjab P&D Chairman and ex-bureaucrats Salman Siddique and Salman Ghani were also present. Salman Shah gave a presentation regarding proposed reforms in Punjab. Aleem said instead of running the affair as usual, the government would have to go for ‘major surgery’ and wide-scale reforms in consultation with renowned economists and ex-bureaucrats to determine the right way for development. Only capable officers would be supported as there would be no ‘pick and choose policy’ and everyone would be given equal opportunity to prove his/her mettle, he added.

The senior minister warned that no leniency would be tolerated in the implementation of the policies/ projects as per vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, asserting that illogical and poor policies of the last government caused a number of problems, which were yet to be resolved.

He said that difficult and non-popular decisions would have to be

taken for socio-economic development, citing that no country could

progress and move forward without strong economy.

Abdul Aleem Khan appreciated the work done by Advisory Council on reforms in Punjab and gave them go ahead for further process in this regard.

Briefing the meeting, Salman Shah said that in Punjab, there were missing links among different departments such as agriculture, irrigation and livestock, departments could work together. Similarly, sports, youth affairs and tourism departments should also work with coordinated efforts. He added that recommendations have been prepared while keeping view the ground realities and department-wise proposals were ready.

Ministers of Agriculture, Education, Health, Livestock, Forests, Tourism, Finance, Industries, Women Development, Labour, Social Welfare and other departments shared their views and a number of proposals came under discussion.