A BBC stringer has admitted that the broadcaster is in the search of any proof of Russia’s alleged role in the "Yellow Vests" protests in Paris, demanding that its journalists seek any leads that would point to Moscow, a correspondence obtained by Sputnik showed.

Sputnik has obtained the correspondence of the BBC journalist, who wrote a message to one of the stringers covering Yellow Vest demonstrations in Paris, trying to find out whether Russia had something to do with the protests in the French capital. The stringer, in turn, explained that she had not seen any Russians at the protests.

The BBC stringer was not satisfied with such an answer.

The stringer has only laughed in response.

The BBC journalist explained that she was "looking for various angles" since the broadcaster was "out for blood." 

The news comes as French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on December 9 that the French Secretariat-General for National Defense and Security (SGDSN) was looking into media reports about Russia's alleged meddling in the rallies.

It followed The Times’ reports that hundreds of allegedly Russia-linked Twitter accounts were found fueling the "Yellow Vests" protests by posting pictures of injured protesters and retweeting posts connected to the unrest.

In response, the Kremlin has stressed that Russia considers the protests as France’s internal affair, and called claims of Russia's alleged involvement slander.