KARACHI - Welcoming the decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to allow construction of six-storey plus buildings in the megacity, subject to following the building control rules, Pasban Democratic Party President Altaf Shakoor has said that construction sector is a real game changer and a positive role of this sector can transform the Pakistani economy.

He said in a statement here on Saturday the megacity of Karachi needs hundreds of thousands of new housing units on an urgent basis to cater to the pressing needs of growing population and without assistance of the real estate, builder and developer sector this target could not be achieved. He said boosting construction activities in the megacity can create a plenty of new jobs and boost dozens of allied industries like cement and steel. He said in this backdrop the verdict of the apex court would give the necessary upward push to the sagging economy.

Shakoor regretted that some black sheep in the construction sector are violating the building control rules and putting lives of people at the stake by erecting unsafe tall buildings. He said these people are active in the old city areas, where they erect multi-storied buildings in narrow streets without taking care of their structural strength. These dangerous buildings in the densely populated old city area could create a big human tragedy in case of heavy rains, earthquakes, fires and other calamities.

He said the Sindh Building Control Authority should ensure that these greedy builders and unqualified contractors are not given impunity to play with the life of innocent citizens. Shakoor also stressed the need of developing the Goths and suburbs of Karachi on modern lines. He said our coastal areas also need a proper attention.

Pasban President said the Karachi Development Authority (KDA) has not introduced any new housing scheme for low-income people for many decades and it should develop and present some mega housing schemes for low-income families of the city.