LAHORE   - The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Punjab on Saturday continued its raids on different private schools across Punjab and collected digital data.

The action came after the top court of the country directed the FIA to freeze the accounts of LGS, and FBR to scrutinise its tax records and to seize the details of its accounts. Additionally, the court said that an audit should be conducted of 21 other private schools. The FIA Faisalabad conducted raids on different schools in Faisalabad ad Sargodha Division districts and collected record of the schools.

FIA raiding team recovered CPUs, hard drives and other record related to accounts, admissions and fees.

The Supreme Court on Thursday ordered a 20 per cent decrease in fee charged by private schools and ordered them to return fee they had charged for summer vacation. The order is applicable to private schools charging fee in excess of Rs5,000.

An officer of the agency said that the crackdown will continue even on Sunday. He said the raiding team confiscated the data of Beacon College Campus University Road Sargodha, City School Campus Sargodha, Beacon House KG Campus Sargodha, City School Junior Campus and City School Senior Branch Jhang . The teams also raided Lahore Grammer School (LGS) Faisalabad and Resource Academia Faisalabad.

The officer said District Toba Tek Singh was checked but no such school was found .

A couple of days ago, FIA raided Lahore Grammar School (LGS) head office and taken its digital data in possession on the charges of receiving exorbitant fees. Director FIA Waqar Abbasi himself led the raid.