The growing population is serious matter of high concern, if not reduced urgently, will lead to disastrous consequences in future. Pakistan is the sixth populous country among others with a vast population of almost 207 million people, equivalent to 2.63 percent of the world population. Sadly, this is what drags the attention that the population of the country is increasing with a rapid growth; however, the government along with relevant authorities have been hopeless in this regards.

The alarming population has resulted in a myriad number of issues unequal distribution of wealth, poverty, and unemployment. This is often leading to unemployment, for there are so many people but less post vacancies so the some remain unemployed, but the government has not a satisfactory economic growth to provide each individual a job.

The government should start a campaign to reduce the growing population of the country along with imparting awareness among the people about family planning since the issue is of high concern that can lead to a greater loss in future.


Ball Nigwar, December 4.