Rawalpindi-An unknown man stormed into intensive caring unit of Holy Family Hospital in broad daylight and attacked a working nurse in front of many paramedics and tried to kidnap her, official sources disclosed to The Nation on Saturday.

The attacker dragged the nurse outside the ICU by holding her arm and hurled threats of dire consequences, sources said.

The security guards of the hospital rushed to rescue the nurse and brought the matter into notice of the hospital administration but the matter was pushed under carpet instead of initiating action against the attacker, who managed to flee from the scene, the sources added.

The victim nurse was identified as Rehana Habib, the resident of Chaklala Scheme III, the sources said.

According to the sources, the female nurse Rehana was attending patients admitted in the ICU about 3 weeks ago when an unidentified man entered in the unit at 1pm.

The man attacked Rehana and started abusing her, the sources said, adding that he then grabbed the nurse from arm and dragged her outside the unit, they mentioned.

The nurse made hue and cry but the attacker did not lose his grip over her arm, the sources said.

The noise by the nurse drew attention of many people present in the premises who had not dared to rescue the nurse, they said.

However, security guards came forward and rescued the nurse from the clutches of the man.

The sources claimed that the attacker managed to escape from the scene, while putting question mark on the security arrangements in the hospital.

Occurrence of incident in broad day light that too in front of many have sent shock waves among the doctors and paramedics employed with the city’s largest hospital, sources said.

Security guards who were witnesses of the sadistic incident brought the matter into notice of the MS Dr Shehzad who immediately obtained the CCTV footage from the ICU to enquire the incident and to indentify the suspect, who attacked a nurse.

Unfortunately, the MS has not only hushed up the issue but also did not share the same with the chief executive of Allied Hospitals and Vice Chancellor Rawalpindi Medical University Dr Umar for legal action against the attacker, sources said.

Interestingly, the incident was also not reported to police, sources claimed. 

CE Allied Hospitals and VC RMU Prof Dr Umar and HFH MS Dr Shehzad have not responded to queries and phone calls made by The Nation to know their point of view about the occurrence of such a horrible incident in the hospital.