Mr. Fayaz-ul-Hasan Chohan - Minister for Information & Culture Govt. of the Punjab told the media today that the PM Imran Khan during his meeting with the CM Punjab had instructed that all important provincial ministers should apprise the nation through media by holding press conferences about the performance of their ministries for the first 100 days. On this, someone asked him if he would also do that, to which FHC retorted that he would be the first one to do so with all facts and figures on December 10, 2018 on the completion of 100 days of the Punjab Govt.

May I suggest to the Honourable Minster to take full advantage of the opportunity and in order to bridle the Madir Pidar Azaad media well and proper lay bare all the corruption and corrupt practices of the media men before the nation. I am sure he will have bags full of cases like the 40 lac petrol pump leased out to MR Shami for a pittance of 15 thousand only – AND that it was not the only pump given to him but reportedly five more of them as well !!

I am sure there would be hundreds of such like other black sheep also in the media and they MUST not only be exposed fully but also NABED to keep them within their proper professional limits. That would go a long way in reigning in the most of the tupennce so called journalists (takay takay key suhafi) who in the name of the Freedom of the Press cross all limits of proprietary and professionalism and bring bad name to this honourable profession having many many noble men of letters with lots of thought provoking nation building and patriotic ideas.


Rawalpindi, December 5.