KARACHI - Federal Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vawda on Saturday blamed the Sindh government for the ongoing CNG crisis in the province, saying CNG was a provincial subject after the passage of the 18th Amendment.

Speaking to the media here, the minister said he opposed the constitutional amendment because of such a crisis. He said he was trying to serve the public as per vision of his leader, adding that he was an educated person and hence he could do a lot. He claimed he addressed the issues of the past 62 years in just 62 days.

Vawda said the PTI government had nothing to do with the ongoing anti-encroachment drive in the port city. He alleged the city government was damaging properties of PTI supporters on the pretext of the Supreme Court orders about removal of encroachments from the city.

He accused the authorities of indulging in unlawful acts and minting money under the guise of the court orders. The anti-encroachment operation is not being carried out in certain areas, he added.

He said those razing public properties were telling people that they were paying the price for New Pakistan.

Federal Water Resources Minister Faisal Vawda on Saturday lambasted former state minister for water and power Abid Sher Ali for accusing him of laundering money to buy properties in Central London.

"Abdi Sher Ali’s mental state is not right. He takes drugs and stands in front of any building,” Vawda said while speaking to media on Saturday after visiting a private school in Karachi.

Vawda added, “He [Abid Sher Ali] would stand in front of the Buckingham Palace and claim it is mine. He should not make claims and instead show us the proof.”

“I not only know how to handle people like him but I also know how to deal with them,” Vawda added.

Last week, Ali had alleged that Vawda had laundered more than £11 million from Pakistan to buy properties in Central London.

“Faisal Vawda laundered more than £11 million from Pakistan to buy properties in Central London. Imran Khan has given him NRO and told the NAB chairman not to start probe against his Halal money-laundering,” he had tweeted.

He added, “Vawda must give money-trail and source of income. I challenge him for a debate.”

The federal minister in reply to Ali's tweet had challenged him to go to the court if he had proof.

“Neither I'm fond of seeing your face nor interested to listen to your useless talk. If you have the proof/evidence just tell me where to come. Don’t run away like your coward leader Nawaz Sharif who lies in National Assembly, Supreme Court and on TV too. Also go to the court if you have proof,” he had tweeted.