Lahore - Spokesman for Pakistan Armed Forces, Major General Asif Ghafoor yesterday condemned Indian government’s anti-minorities policies and noted the growing opposition against Hindutva across India.

“That’s the real surgical strike which world knows. Narrative of false flag operations & cover up sham mil strikes already stands exposed. Truth prevails,” he observed on his personal tweeter handle while referring to a South China Morning Post report titled “Modi’s surgical strike on Muslims puts India at war with itself”.

“Nothing will stop rightfully powerful storm against Hindutva in IOJ&K and across India let alone such low gimmicks,” DG ISPR said in another tweet wherein he presented a news report by Alt News titled: “How multiple Twitter handles changed their religion overnight to support CAB (Citizenship Amendment Bill).”

CAB is a discriminatory legislation against Muslims which was spearheaded by BJP-led Hindutva government and passed by Hindu majority parliament of India on December 11, 2019. Enacted on the very next day, this law offers citizenship to refugees from all South Asian religions, except Muslims, fleeing oppression in neighbouring countries.

The inhuman Act has been widely condemned by international human rights organisations and it also sparked widespread protests in India.

The director general of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor also tweeted on this subject the other day.

“From Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir to Assam and beyond... its beginning of the end,” he said on Saturday while retweeting a Nov 9 tweet of his own which read: “Today all minorities of India should have again realised that vision of our great leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah about Hindutva was absolutely right. They would now regret more convincingly to be part of India.”

In another tweet on Sunday, DG ISPR congratulated cricketer Abid Ali for making a world record.

“Congrats @AbidAli_Real for having world record of century knock in both ODI & Test debuts. Great to see test cricket back in Pakistan reflected by jubilant spectators at Rwp Cricket Stadium despite a predictable draw. More dividends of peace on the way, IA.”