The attention of railway authorities is invited to the present prevailing condition of railway travelling. Pakistan railway is one of the big source of travelling for long journey from Peshawar to Karachi. The passengers prefer to travel by railway because of safe and comfortable. The present condition of railway journey have become worst and unsafe due to various accident and derailment of trains by which many passengers are died and injured.

Most of the trains are found late in their schedule timing particularly on long route. The condition of every coach have become deteriorated irrespective of their category of classes. The building condition of almost railway stations have become time barred and in broken condition. If we visit Lahore railway station we will observe that not a single development is made after partition. This state of position indicate lack of proper attention toward development and maintenance of railway administration by the concerned authorities.

The previous history of railway reveals that in the past three/four decades one of the best railway journeys was found in the country. Never a train became late with locomotive engine. Coaches of the train were new, clean and comfortable. New train named Awam Express was introduced from Lahore to Karachi within schedule time of 15 hours. The journey by rail car from Lahore to Rawalpindi was the best source of travelling and passenger enjoy to travel by this train. Never heard any mishap and accident on rail track. Every employee of railway was happy and perform his duty efficiently and diligently and never thought of protest and strike.

Every railway stations were full rush of passengers. But on the other side at present every things have become changed in reverse position. In order to be in a good book, the minister is keen to introduce new passenger train without planning and after a certain period it failed with result to close the route. He is not properly advised by his staff with result that huge amount in inauguration and functioning is wasted. He should pay his attention first to the important train running on long rout and focus on cause of delay of any train. One train if delayed on schedule time, make a alternate coaches on the platform to move in time from destination. There are many coaches lying in the railway yard for nominal repair and can be used for any delayed train.

In this connection I quote one incidence faced with my family to be departed for Karachi by business train. The departure time was 3.30 p.m. We received massage that time is delayed one hour. In view of this massage, we reached at railway station and there come to know that it further late by one hour. There was no proper place of sitting and waiting, soon the time came , the delay is extended one hour more. On our inquiry we were informed that business train coming from Karachi is late and when it will arrive departure time shall be made. This was the position which we were forced to wait. The business train from Karachi came at 9.00 p.m. and after this shifted to Yard for cleaning etc. After one hour it came back on platform and moved for Karachi on 10.30 p.m. further it is to mention here that this train reached at Karachi after 24 hours. This is the example of one train and what about other which we read in daily news.

Minister of Railway and all other concerned authorities are requested to reconcile the present position of the railway and bring it to like back status where every sector of life was happy with ideal performance of railway. The nation needs practical development and maintains of railway trains and not promises.