RAWALPINDI - Punjab Police showing little regard for age and seniority kept an octogenarian lady behind the bar for one whole night on a petty dispute of land, TheNation learnt Sunday. According to details, Saddar Berooni Police arrested Sakina Bibi (80) over a property dispute and put her behind the bar at Women Police Station, disobeying the clear directions of Lahore High Court (LHC) Rawalpindi bench not to harass the old lady. However, the old lady was granted a bail from the court of Magistrate 1st Class Imran Shehbaz here on Sunday. Sakina Bibi, resident of Dhoke Lakhan, told TheNation that a fake case No 242 had been registered against her on the application of Miss Pervez on June 1, 2008 with whom she had a land dispute and a case also under process in a court. On this, she had filed a writ petition before the court of Justice Maulvi Anwarul Haq of LHC Rawalpindi bench, seeking quashing of the case framed against her by the police at the behest of the other party. The court, after hearing arguments of the council on September 26, 2008, Judge Maulvi Anwarul Haq directed; "At the moment, I do not find a case for quashment being made out. However, in view of the earlier reports and inquiries, the SHO/I.O concerned is hereby directed to conclude the investigation and to present report in court in terms of section 173 Cr.P.C within 15 days and petitioner should not be harassed." Setting the clear directions of LHC aside, SI Mehar Allah Yar, In Charge of Police Post Chakri, following the directions of SHO Raja Musaddiq, raided the house of Sakina Bibi on Saturday. Police officials, including two ladies constables stormed into the house with out prior permission, harassed the inmates and took Sakina Bibi into custody and detained her in Women Police Station lock-up. SI Mehar Allah Yar denied the allegations levelled against the raiding police party, saying police arrested Sakina Bibi from her doorstep. SHO Women Police Station Khalida and other three lady constables, while making the mockery of helplessness of the old lady, took Rs5,000 from Khurshid, the son of the old lady, to provide her a cot and heater for spending the cold night. Meanwhile, Ghulam Mustafa Kandole, council of Sakina Bibi went to the police station and showed LHC's order to SHO Raja Musaddiq, asking for her client's release, but the SHO refused to do so and said that lady has been arrested on the directives of RPO Nasir Khan Durrani. "We have to obey our superiors' orders as they are more important for us than the court orders. As far as the court orders are concerned we will see them in the court," SHO Musaddiq added. I.O Mehar Allah Yar produced Sakina Bibi before the court of Magistrate 1st Class Imran Shehbaz and demanded 14 days physical remand of the old lady. But the learned court, while rejecting the police plea in this regard, granted a bail to her against the surety bonds worth Rs 20,000.