The participation of PML (N) in the lawyer's Long March shows their determination to have a free judiciary. It is a universal truth that without a free judiciary, no nation can develop. I think in the present scenario, we need a drastic amendment in the constitution of Pakistan. It is unthinkable to run the country under the gloomy shadow of amendments made by a military dictator, most of which were person-specific. During Nawaz Sharif's two stints, he had also made amendment in the constitution but they were in the true spirit of the parliamentary form of government. On the issue of judiciary, though, I also wish to put the thorny question to the PML (N) leader that why didn't he introduce an amendment to create a free judiciary in his two terms? And why did he sack the Chief Justice and why did his party members launched an attack on the Supreme Court? It is a dilemma of our country, that every government wishes to knock down institutions like the Supreme Court before it begins to govern. When they sit in the opposition, though, they all want a free judiciary. -ANWAR ALI SHAH, Chitral, via e-mail, January 29.