ISLAMABAD " President Asif Ali Zardari on Sunday advised the NWFP government to immediately undertake the payment of compensation money to the heirs of the victims of militancy and asked keep his office informed of the progress on a daily basis. The President said this soon after the government released Rs 283 million for FATA and another Rs 340 million for the NWFP province in pursuance of his announcement made during his recent visit to the province. He had announced that the families of the victims of suicide bombings and acts of terror would be compensated. The President had during the visit also advised the federal government to provide funds for the purpose and to make immediate disbursements to the victims' families. Now that the funds had already been transferred to the NWFP government, it was important that the same should be properly disbursed without delay, he said. Compensation would be paid at the rate of Rs 3 lakhs for each killed and Rs one lakh for each injured person. The President said although this was a meager amount that could not compensate for the loss and sufferings yet it demonstrated the will of the government not to abandon its people and to keep fighting the militants till their subjugation. The President said that rehabilitation of victims' families was not only the government's moral responsibility to its citizens but also an essential component of the fight against militancy. He said that he had been raising this issue with world leaders and international bodies as well and expressed the hope that the world community will also step in to play its role in compensating and rehabilitating the victims of militancy. "Those who refused to bow and died or suffered while standing up in the fight against militancy are our national heroes and heroines who must be honoured and they will be", the President said. The President also said that the rehabilitation of families of the victims was the moral responsibility of the government.