LAHORE - Bashir Bhola Bhala won the Rustam-i-Pakistan title for the straight 15th time beating Hamid Ali Khan here at the packed to capacity Punjab Stadium. The Pakistan Wrestling Federation kept the entry into the stadium free to promote the traditional style of wrestling. The competitions begain with small bouts of known wrestlers and the main dangal of Bashir and Hamid was put in the end. And after showing attempts of several tricks Bashir prevailed over Hamid in nearly 15 minutes to won the title for the 15th time in a row. Talking to journalists after winning the title, Bashir said that he requested the federation to postpone the dangal for two weeks as he was not fit enough to enter the wrestling arena but still then he has beaten his rival. Bhola Bhala has after the bout thrown an open challenge to any wrestler for a fight at any place. "I am ready to take on any wrestler particularly from India any time," he added.