The Hindu nationalism card, the so-called concept of Hindutva, that sees India as more of a Hindu than secular nation, may be the turning point for disintegration of India. The 21st century has already sown the seeds of new realities. After the collapse of capitalism in the west, the worst is still to come. The west would have to change its style after the traumatic event of the invincible President Bush ending up with a 'shoe in the face'. In many ways, the world has changed already with a black man in the White House as President of America despite having a Muslim name as part of his identity. The word 'change' has to be honoured now for it signifies a commitment to achieve respect for all humans on equal terms. Barack Hussain Obama based his election campaign on the philosophy of this change. -MAJ (Retd) FAATEH ALAM SHEIKH, Lahore, February 10.