Now that we are reading about the White House thinking of replacing Mr Karzai in Kabul, here are a few observations for Mr Obama; one, good thinking. It will be good for the region as well as for America. Two, if Mr Obama is thinking of bringing about a change in Kabul, why can't he put in someone pro-Pakistan - for a change. A large part of the problems in Afghanistan, FATA and Pakistan originate from Kabul in the form of incensed tirades against Pakistan and infiltrations by agents of the regime across the porous borders into Pakistan. The foreigners (including mostly Indian terrorists) also use the Afghan turf to make their incursions inside Pakistan. With a pro-Pakistan man at helm in Afghanistan, maybe these constant forays from across the border would stop. With that, the activities of miscreants inside the Pakistani side of the border might also decrease. Thereafter the Pakistani security elements would be able to bring the situation under control - on their own, or may be with some assistance from America. Things might even improve to the point that there be no need of any drone attacks etc into FATA areas. That would in turn release pressure on the Pakistan government which would then be able to 'do more' on Al-Qaeda. -AYAZ AHMAD, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, January 29.