MULTAN (APP) - Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Meh-mood Qureshi said that Pakistani bases were not being used for drone attacks. Talking to mediamen at the local airport before his departure to the federal capital on Sunday night, he said that drone attacks were affecting Pakistan's sovereignty and made it clear that they did not fly from Pakistan. He said Pakistan had always condemned the drone attacks adding that neither we had allowed it nor there existed any understanding. Qureshi said that Pakistan had taken up the issue of drone attacks with the Special US Envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan, Richard Hallbrook, during his recent visit and added that he had honestly conveyed the sentiments of the people of Pakistan and the Parliament to the envoy on the drone issue and its negative impact. The foreign minister said that drone attacks were causing collateral damage and proving counter productive. He said that these attacks were also causing loss to lives of innocent people. He said that two kinds of people lived in Swat; those who are terrorists challenging the writ of the government and involved in destroying government infrastructure, including bridges, schools and slaughtering people. Negotiations with such elements are out of question, he said. There also exist another kind of people in a big majority who are annoyed with the existing situation and want government's help to live in peace. He said that government will certainly help these people, he added. The foreign minister said that government will not make any compromise with the terrorists and efforts will be made to isolate them. He said that government would isolate the terrorists by engaging peace loving people and separating them from extremism based ideas. He said that NWFP government had held talks with the people who wanted peace. He said that government wanted a holistic approach which, in addition to utilising force, also involved negotiations with those who were badly affected by the trouble and wanted peace and socio-economic development. Qureshi said that meetings with US envoy Hallbrook were frank, candid and open in which he had argued that there was a need to compare the tactical advantages and disadvantages of the drone attacks and the strategy would have to be reviewed if disadvantages outweighed the advantages. He said that the battle against terrorism was long and stressed on support of the people to win it. He said that US had now decided to review its strategy and a committee, headed by Bruce Reidel, the Advisor to US President, had been formed which would be co-chaired by Richard Hallbrook to look into the achievements and drawbacks of the policy pursued during the last seven to eight years in the war against terrorism. The foreign minister said that after consulting Pakistan, ISAF, NATO allies, a new strategy would be devised. It will be announced in the April 2-3 NATO conference to be held in Strasburg and we hope the new strategy would match the holistic approach advocated by Pakistan. He said that Pakistan was suffering human cost as well as enormous economic cost in war against terrorism but added that it was fighting the menace for survival of Pakistan. Qureshi said that India should sincerely respond to the questions raised by Pakistan in its initial investigation report, if the neighbouring country was serious in successful prosecution of the Mumbai attack accused. The process of prosecution should meet its logical conclusion of punishment to those involved in Mumbai attacks but Indian cooperation is needed to achieve the objective. The Foreign Minister said that information in Indian dossier provided to Pakistan on Jan 5 was sketchy but we conducted investigations honestly and sincerely and informed India, G-8 and other friendly countries about its findings. The whole world and even India termed it as a positive development. He said that Pakistan's investigations into Mumbai attacks raised many questions which needed to be answered correctly to guide the prosecution process to its logical conclusion. To a question, FM said that our investigations have found missing links and today even Indian people talk about possibility of involvement of local elements in Mumbai attacks. Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that India should unveil local elements or entity involved in the Mumbai attacks to achieve the objective of defeating the common enemy of terrorism. FM said that there exist no extradition treaty between India and Pakistan but added that Pakistan was sincere and serious in prosecuting the Mumbai attack accused and the whole world has acknowledged it. To a question, he said that it will hurt the spirit of fight against terrorism if India keeps changing its point of view. FM disclosed that the kidnapped Chinese engineer has been recovered and he will be sent home soon. Foreign Minister condemned the kidnapping of UNHCR representative promising all out efforts by the government to secure his earliest possible release. UNHCR representative was helping us in providing aid to displaced communities and in disaster management and government was making efforts for his release. To a question on reduction in petroleum prices, FM said that government has reduced the price two to three times already. He added that advisor to PM on Finance has recently stated that prices will be reduced further with the reduction in fiscal deficit and current account deficit.