ISLAMABAD - The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Sunday cleared as many as 141 out of total 158 candidates to contest the forthcoming Senate elections scheduled for March 4. According to official sources, the Returning Officers here as well as at provincial capitals completed the scrutiny process of nomination papers submitted by as many as 158 candidates against the Senate's 50 seats falling vacant from March 11 with the retirement of half of the members. The sources said that the Returning Officers rejected nomination papers of 17 candidates. No candidate from Fata has been rejected while all candidates from Sindh have already announced as returned uncontested. As February 21 is the withdrawal date of nomination papers and the final list of contesting candidates will be displayed on February 22, the situation would then become clear. For Fata, the Returning Officer cleared all 34 candidates who had submitted nomination papers against four seats. For Islamabad, nomination papers of six out of total nine candidates have been accepted against the two Senate seats; general seat and seat reserved for women. In Punjab, nomination papers of 18 candidates have been accepted against seven general and two each seats reserved for women and ulema/technocrats, while 11 nomination papers were rejected. In Sindh, 11 candidates had filed nomination papers against 11 seats from the province and all of them have already been declared returned uncontested by the Provincial Election Commissioner. From NWFP, out of total 23 candidates who had submitted nomination papers against seven general and two each seats reserved for women and technocrats, papers of only one candidate were rejected. In Balochistan, out of total 51 candidates, nomination papers of 49 candidates were cleared against seven general and two each seats reserved for women and ulema/technocrats. APP adds: From Islamabad nomination papers of Nayyar Bukhari (PPPP), Malik Shujah-ur-Rehman (PML-N) and Zahid Ali Khan of PML-Q were accepted against general and against seat reserved for women, nomination papers of Dr Saeeda Iqbal (PPPP), Ms Naseema Mazhar (PML-N) and Shahida Qadeer, an Independent candidate were accepted. From Punjab, the nomination papers of Raja Zafar-ul-Haq (PML-N), Syed Zafar Ali Shah (PML-N), Mushahid Ullah Khan (PML-N), Pervaiz Rashid (PML-N), Muhammad Jehangir Badar (PPPP), Salah-ud-Din Dogar (PPPP), Aurangzeb Shafi Burki (PPPP), Mian Ijaz-ul-Hassan (PPPP) and Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain (PML) were accepted against seven general seats. Nomination papers of Begum Najma Hameed (PML-N), Zakia Khan (PML-N), Shahida Jabeen (PPPP), Syeda Sughra Imam (PPPP) and Razina Alam Khan (PML) were accepted against two seats reserved for women. For two seats reserved for Ulema/technocrats from Punjab, nomination papers of Prof Sajid Mir (PML-N), Muhammad Kazim Khan (PPPP), Dr Muhammad Akbar Khwaja (PPPP) and Mushahid Hussain Sayed were accepted. Those who returned uncontested from Sindh include Babar Khan Ghauri (MQM), Abdul Haseeb Khan (MQM), Moula Baksh Chandio (PPPP), Islamuddin Sheikh (PPPP), Gul Muhammad Lot (PPPP), Syed Faisal Raza Abidi (PPPP) and Dr Khatu Mal (PPPP). Against the seats reserved for Ulema/technocrats, Farooq Hameed Naek (PPPP) and Abdul Rehman Malik (PPPP) and against seats reserved for women, Shirala Malik (MQM) and Almas Perveen (PPPP) were declared returned uncontested. From NWFP, nomination papers of Muhammad Zahid Khan (ANP), Muhammad Ali Tarakai (IND), Abdul Nabi Bangash (ANP), Gulzar Ahmed Khan (PPPP), Waqar Ahmed Khan (PPPP), Haji Mohammad Adeel (ANP), Abdul Jalil Jan (MMA, JUI-F), Sardar Ali Khan (PPPP), Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan (PML), Iqbal Zafar Jhagra (PML-N) and Haji Ghulam Ali (JUI-F) were found in order against seven general seats. Similarly, for two women seats, nomination papers of five candidates; Farah Aqil (ANP), Farhat Abbas (PPPP), Anisa Zeb Tahirkheli (PPP-S), Shahida Begum (JUI-F) and Saeeda Ilyas (PML-N) were accepted and against two seats reserved for Ulema/technocrats the nomination papers of Ali Gohar Khan (IND), Obaidullah Anwar (MMA, JUI-F), Iqbal Zafar Jhagra (PML-N), Abdul Raziq (PML-N), Abdul Jamil Khan (Dr A.J. Khan) (IND), Afrasiab Khattak (ANP) and Syed Sardar Hussain were accepted. From Balochistan, the nomination papers of Mir Muhammad Ali (BNP-A), Khudai Dad Khan (ANP), Malik Muhammad Yar Khan (ANP), Sardar Fateh Muhammad Hassani (IND), Sheikh Nasrullah Jan (IND), Izhar Khan Khosa (IND), Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran (IND), Nawabzada Muhammad Akbar Magsi (IND), Mir Shahiq Khan Domki (IND), Haider Khan Nasir (IND), Mir Wali Muhammad Badini (IND), Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani (JUI-F), Hafiz Hamdullah Saboor (JUI-F), Manzoor Ahmed Mengal (JUI-F), Mir Changez Khan Jamali (IND), Muhammad Asadullah Khan (IND), Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo (NP), Nawabzada Mir Haji Lashkari Raisani (PPPP), Sabir Ali Baloch (PPPP), Aurangzeb Alamgir Magsi (PPPP), Sardar Tahir Hussain Khan Advocate (PPPP), Haji Abdullah Musazai (PPPP), Muhammad Usman Badini (IND) and Naseebullah Achakzai (PML-Q) were accepted against seven general seats. For two seats reserved for women, nomination papers of Rehana Javed (ANP), Farida Kakar (ANP), Noor Jehan Panezai (PML), Kalsoom Perveen (PML), Hafiza Anjum (JUI-F), Bibi Salma (JUI-F), Agha Pari Gul Syeda (PML), Yasmin Marri (IND), Roshan Khursheed Bharocha (PML), Farah Shah (IND), Salma Saeed (IND), Shahnaz Umarani (IND), Suriya Amiruddin (PPPP), Hinna (PPPP), Samina (BNP-A) and Kauser Naheed (IND) were accepted and for two seats reserved for Ulema/ technocrats, nomination papers of Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri (JUI-F), Mufti Abdul Sattar (JUI-F), Malik Sikandar Khan (JUI), Muhammad Hamayun Khan (IND), Saeed Ahmed (BNP), Noor Jahan Panezai (PML), Mian Saifullah Paracha (PPPP), Malik Mumtaz Hussain Mahfooz Advocate (PPPP) and Engineer Basant Lal Gulshan (IND) were accepted. For FATA, nomination papers of all 34 candidates were found in order, who were also issued symbols. These candidates along with symbols are; Dr Abdul Qadir (Fan), Haji Khan (Inkpot with Pen), Farhad Shabab Afridi (Gun), Abdul Malik Qadri (Bus), Shah Jee Gul Scooter), Prof (r) Abdul Ghafar Khan Ghafoor (Elephant), Laiq Hussain Turi (Stag), Nasir Khan (Takhti), Qismat Khan Wazir (Sparrow), Syed Fazal Abbas Mian (Crown), Mohammed Idrees Khan Safi (Bunch of Grapes), Irfanullah (teapot), Syed Javed Hassain (Tonga), Haji Gul Afridi (Truck), Abbas Khan Afridi (Tap), Habib Malik (Leaf), Fakhar Zaman Khan (Cot), Shoaib Hassan (Spectacles), Zafar Khan Afridi (Ring), Eng Malik Rashid Ahmed (Cup and Saucer), Hidayatullah (Wrist Watch), Mohammed Shoaib (Parrot), Bismillah Khan (Torch), Habib-ur-Rehman (Telephone), Moulana Shams-ur-Rehman (Tumbler), Mohammed Ihsanullah (Loud Speaker), Syed Mohammed Jawad (Pomegranate), Ghulam Haider Wazir (Bowl), Abdul Wadood Khan (Boat), Mohammed Iftikhar Zafar (Jug), Sahibzada Abdul Salam Sherani (Waist Coat), Nawabzada Mohammed Shah (Clock), Syed Mohammed Hussain (Flower Pot) and Ghulam Mohammed Sadiq (Slate).