It seems unbelievable and unimaginable for Pakistanis but it is on record and fact that India has vehemently supported Pakistan at the meeting of the International Monetary Fund in which the fund approved 7.60 billion dollars bail-out package for this country. During meeting, held in November 2008 in Washington to review package for Pakistan, India was the first country to support the approval of Stand-by Facility for Pakistan. After India, the representatives of Indonesia and another country also backed Pakistan's request for approval of IMF loan programme. However, the representatives of the most trusted and friendly countries of Pakistan like Saudi Arabia, China and UAE kept their mum and did not bother to utter a single word in favour of Pakistan or the approval of loan. Finance Ministry officials told this writer that the silence of the representatives of Pakistan's friendly countries was shocking for the Pakistani team and the participants of the IMF meeting. "We were expecting some crucial support from Saudi Arabia, China and UAE at the IMF meeting, but their representatives did not speak anything, neither in favour nor against Pakistan," an official said. The official of the Ministry of Finance disclosed this when this scribe asked him as to what kind of support the Pakistan government was getting from Saudi Arabia, China and other friendly countries to stabilise the economy and to avert economic crisis. A few weeks ago the local newspapers and electronic media flashed the statement of a senior Saudi Government official during his visit to Pakistan in which he said Saudi Arabia was ready to provide whatever financial/economic assistance was required by Pakistan. In the past the officials of Saudi Arab have issued statements regarding the provision of financial assistance and oil on deferred payment to Pakistan, but the practical did not match the words. Officials said that the Saudi Government officials often issue statements, but they did not bother to provide adequate financial assistance to Pakistan. In fact, despite being affluent and influential, Saudi Arabia, China and UAE are reluctant to voice their support against the wishes of the United States. In October last year the US official Richard Boucher made it clear in his press conference in Islamabad that Pakistan would not get any cash from the donor countries. He issued statement at a time when the new government was approaching its friendly countries to seek financial support to avert default and economic crisis. This statement of Mr Boucher was a loud and clear message for the friends of Pakistan regarding economic support to Pakistan. The US, however, encouraged a bailout package for Pakistan from the IMF so that this country could be saved from default. But the US deliberately kept the friends of Pakistan at a certain distance so that this country could remain dependent on the IMF, the United States and could not achieve the economic independence. Being financially weak Pakistan is solely dependent on the dictations of the multilateral donors and major donor countries like the United States. Our rulers cannot dare to go against the wishes of the US openly. But the question is that why the powerful countries like Saudi Arabia, China and UAE feel frightened from the United States and do not support their friends openly?