JERUSALEM (Agencies) - Israel has emerged as India's largest defence supplier, overtaking Russia, as Tel Aviv has signed defence deals worth a whopping $9 billion with New Delhi during the past decade, a media report in Jerusalem said on Sunday. "There is close cooperation and the Indians respect Israeli systems and our experience in fighting terror," a defence official was quoted as saying by The Jerusalem Post. Russia had averaged sales of $ 875 million annually to India for the past 40 years. In the wake of recent Mumbai terror attacks, India has also purchased from the Jewish state the aerostat radar system to help defend the country's coastline in a deal valued at $600 million, the daily said. The radars will be deployed in strategic points to provide advance warning against incoming enemy aircraft and missiles, the report said. The EL/M-2083 Aerostat radars are a simpler version of the Green Pine radar, made by Israel Aerospace Industries, and used by the Arrow missile defence system. The phased-array radars are mounted on blimp-like balloons tethered to the ground and capable of detecting intrusions earlier than ground based radar systems.