LAHORE - The Frontier Works Organization (FWO), the most favourite development agency of Punjab government, has delayed another project of 'Lahore Roads Rehabilitation Programme (LRRP) Phase-II that included construction and rehabilitation of 23 roads. The project was launched at the cost of Rs 14 billion in 2008. Out of 23 roads, development work is yet to be started on six roads. While 17 roads are going to fall short of the deadline. Sources in LDA revealed that the FWO authorities had sought more time to complete the mega project to improve its image and avoid public-disgrace. Sources said that violating the rules, the FWO had started contacting independent contractors to sublet to them contracts at its own rates to complete the project soon. In this regard, Punjab government, which made firm decision of not awarding grace period, had started considering to award grace period to its loving development agency. It is learnt that the FWO was first awarded contracts of all roads in first mega project of CDGL housing scheme, LDA Avenue-I, meant only for the government servants and set 2006 as completion target. Sorrowfully, the development works in the scheme came to grinding halt as FWO with all its trained staff and machineries of international standard could not construct roads due to certain reasons. Sources further revealed that Punjab government awarded Lahore Roads Rehabilitation Programme Phase-II with 16 per cent higher rates than approved by the Finance Department, against permissible cushion of 4.5 while it was paid 49.49 per cent of the total development charges in advance bypassing the rules and regulations. Government also exempted the organisation from submitting a bank warranty, which is normally about 10 to 20 per cent of a project's total cost. In addition, authority concerned accepted FWO proposal that it should be exempted from depositing six per cent income tax. PML-N Punjab secretary information Khawaja Hassan was made chairman of CM task force on LRRP Phase-II. When contacted Khawaja Hassan said government was satisfied with the pace of work. Praising the performance of FWO, he said there were some stumbling rocks causing delay in the project. However, he said that hardships would be overcome allowing the development agency to complete the road development project as soon as possible. According to details provided by LDA sources, the work on road along Satto Katla drain from Ferozepur Road Maulana Shoukat Ali Road, improvement of Main Boulevard Gulshan-e-Ravi Scheme from More Samanabad to Bund Road, road from Data Nagar Bridge to Shadbagh pumping station, widening and improvement of Bhogewall road from GT Road to Bund Road, road from Data Nagar Railway crossing to Data Nagar Bridge and improvement and carpeting of road in Gujjarpura Housing Scheme are yet to be started due to certain reasons. Other roads staying behind the completion time included 45 meter wide road from UBD canal to Shadewall Chowk MA Johar Town worth Rs. 117 million started on October, 2008 with 6 months as completion time has only 8 percent physical progress. Sources concluded that an inquiry was launched into the scandalous reports that the FWO had sublet a multi-billion rupees overseas housing society development Zone-V contract in December, 2008. Sources said that the Punjab government has also awarded various contracts to the FWO. The contracts awarded include the installation of 69 tube-wells amending three rules from the Financial Rules, 2006. It is worth mentioning that the FWO constructed four main roads - Jail Road, Gulberg Main Boulevard, Ferozepur Road, Bank Road and Shahlimar Link Road during Shahbaz's previous tenure.