The continuous drone attacks on Pakistan's territories seem uncontrollable. Obama administration came to the power with the majestic slogan of change but nothing seems different from the previous Bush administration. The people of Pakistan had very high expectations from the Obama administration but with every drone attack on the territories of our FATA, hopes are dying in Islamabad. These attacks have caused hundreds of deaths of innocent women and children. The surgical attacks have become a headache for the government whose popularity is steadily eroding with every attack. The defensive diplomacy being practised by the government is actually destroying the prestige of our nation. It is time we took solid steps to revive the national image. Our government has different options like suspending the war on terror for the time being or at least discontinuing the logistic support to the NATO forces in Afghanistan. We can even make it conditional to stoppage of the drone attacks on Pakistan. -BASHIR HUSSAIN AZAD, Chitral, via e-mail, January 29.