ISLAMABAD - Despite severe economic crunch in the country, Capital Development Authority (CDA) has spent Rs 12.50 million on entertainment of the guests of Chairman CDA and board members during the last year. A credible insider in the Authority confided to TheNation the other day that during last year, CDA Admin has spent Rs 12.5 million on serving tea and beverages in CDA Board meetings and to guests of Board members and Chairman CDA. "The amount counts to more than a million rupees per month and more than Rs 34,000 per day," the source stated. "The funds were at the disposal of Assistant Director Admin Muhammad Qasim, who is presently working as Deputy Director Admin," he added. He alleged that the above mentioned assistant director admin also has three vehicles at his disposal despite the fact that officially, he is not entitled to keep any vehicle. Another source in CDA Transport Section, when contacted, confirmed the news. However, he couldn't give registration numbers of the said vehicles, saying that he was out of office that time. The CDA source also alleged that Muhammad Qasim had carried all the furniture of the offices of CDA Board members to home. He said that all the furniture were in good condition and spared after the renovation of the said offices. However, the alleged official of the Authority and Chairman CDA couldn't be contacted to comment on the issue despite several attempts.