What is the fate of Punjab government and that of Sharifs' politics are the most sought after questions these days along with the future of flagging PML (N)-PPP alliance. The overwhelming perception is this that the fall of the Punjab government is imminent, but nobody from the hapless public to their representatives in the parliament has any clear and categorical answer how and when it will come about. More precisely, if the signs of change are real this time around and not a mere hype created in the media. More intriguing is the ignorance of our MPAs and MNAs in this regard. Most MPs waiting in the wings for some official instructions or concrete signal from the top, too are groping in the dark. They do not have much to say when confronted with queries as if any change is in the offing. Recently, we have noted even hawkish elements from PML (N) changing their tone and tenor, praying for the long life of their alliance with PPP. They claim that there is no problem in the set up in the Punjab being run smoothly with PPP members having no complaint. They dismissed the rumours of change as crazy and pretty far-fetched. Even the Sharifs ever since their return from London are keeping their cool, staying entirely in low key. The lawyers are not sure even if the PML (N) will participate in their long march as well as sit-in or not. Before leaving for London, Nawaz Sharif made blustering statements about the lawyers' movement and their march. He asked the public twice to come out on the roads in support of lawyers in statement that must have ruffled the feather of the present rulers. The lawyers smelled a foul play on the part of PML (N)'s leadership. They claim that their soft-peddling in this regard underlined the PML (N)'s understanding with the PPP government. Recently, when we quizzed some PPP MPAs from Sindh, close to President Zardari about the fate of the PML (N)-PPP alliance, they took entirely different line. They were of the opinion that Zardari would deal with Sharifs politically and not through the legal means, as being discussed these days with the people and politicians expect the change in the Punjab in case the apex court disqualifies the Sharifs from taking part in politics. As opposed to this view, PPP members from the Punjab are getting their act together. In recent meeting of party's Executive Committee, presided over by Rana Aftab, the members asked the leaders to press ahead with change in the Punjab. In the meeting most members supported the idea of change in the Punjab. They believed that staying together with PML (N) in the province is no longer in the interest of party. The PPP's top leaders from the Punjab that we sounded out recently too did not rule out the prospect of change. They think the winds of change are real this time. It is interestingly to note that the members who are advising the party leadership to part ways with PML (N) are the one who had no problem with the League before. Nor did they ever try to create any problem for PML (N) leadership in the Province. They sounded quite sincere in keeping the alliance intact. Only these PPP MPAs could tell what is the reason behind this change of heart. The other day PPP provincial Minister Tanvir Kaira in a TV show made an interesting statement when he said the difference between the PPP and PML (N) is this that we want government for full length while leaguers have their eyes set on an early elections. In recent party meetings with Asif Zardari in audience, these PPP leaders openly criticised the PML (N) leaders for creating difficulties for the party in the province. They accused the PML (N) of damaging their party's interests in the Punjab. But despite creating a big fuss they got no response from Zardari favourable or unfavourable. It seems that Zardari is keeping his cards very close to his chest. Nobody knows what are his plans. The people working with Zardari or interacting with him regularly hardly have any clue what plans he has in his mind about Sharifs. They say that it is very difficult to read Zardari's mind as to how he wants to deal with Sharifs. Even nobody is sure how he likes to deal with the lawyers' march. E-mail: nadeemsyed@nation.com.pk