I am a regular viewer of program 'zero meter' on ATV Channel. The program aired on the evening of 28th January in its heavy-bike segment showed the host and another man riding bikes without helmets while carrying out stunts (wheeling, hands free drive) on a main road with the regular traffic in flow. Both these acts are violations according to the Pakistani traffic laws. I recommend the host and the producer should not air such blatant violations of law. It not only tarnishes the credibility of the channel but also encourages the youth to indulge in such potentially fatal acts that are unsafe both from the point of view of participants and also vis--vis public safety. It is suggested that the programme should include only those bikes, cars and owners who are at par with the international driving safety standards and are equipped with necessary protective gears. The programme shows world's finest collection of bikes and cars, mostly imported from abroad so it affects people. Information & broadcasting ministry must make a policy to include such violations as non-compliance to the code of conduct of the media to ensure public safety. -A CONCERNED CITIZEN, Karachi, via e-mail, January 29.