Mr. Nawaz Sharif is also a victim of the 'Aitzaz syndrome'. For the love of Benazir's PPP, Aitzaz just could not open his mouth against the NROed President Zardari nor could he take stand against PPP which has been even more dead set against the cause of judiciary than even the dictator Musharraf from day one. Aitzaz could have succeeded in bringing back the CJP and the deposed judges had he opposed Mr. Zardari for his sins against judiciary. Mr. Nawaz Sharif is acting exactly the same way by showing a 'unilateral' loyalty to Mr. Zardari despite being spurned on CoD, Bhurbhan, Murree and London agreements. PPP is now after his government in Punjab through its Governor. Mr. Zardari is also in a nakedly unconstitutional role by holding party's highest office while shamefully ensconced in the Presidency. He is even more dictatorial than Musharraf. Mr. Sharif is holding fire against Zardari despite the worst possible state of governance in the country, mismanagement and corruption. He should surely not spare PPP for its disgusting failures that have completely ruined the poor. -M. MOHAMMAD, Sargodha, via e-mail, January 28.