Word has it that prior to Richard Holbrooke's arrival in Pakistan there was another very important visitor from the US. It was none other than Peter Galbraith, the late BB's contemporary at Harvard and her close friend and confidant. Apparently he spent a week in Islamabad staying at the Presidency during which President Zardari held exhaustive consultation with him. Peter happens to be the son of John Galbraith, who was a renowned economist, a former US ambassador to India and an important member of the Washington establishment. Like father, like son, Peter has also had diplomatic assignments including at Moscow and Croatia and could have replaced Ambassador Anne Patterson in Islamabad, had the move not been knocked down by the US State department. Well, US ambassador he may not be but President Zardari's advisor on Pak-US relations he certainly is and we hear that his views were lapped up by a nervous Islamabad, gearing up to receive Holbrooke. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * As we know members of the cabinet are no longer free to travel abroad without prior permission from the Prime Minister. Makes sense, after all the boss should know the whereabouts of his cabinet functionaries. We are also told that this rule is being strictly enforced and anyone breaking discipline is in for a rude shock like the one suffered by a senior minister from Sindh when he tried to board an international flight without prior permission from the boss. The errant minister we are told was shown the rules card and his own boarding card was confiscated. Yes minister, you have to learn to live by the rules. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Once upon a time, the picturesque Lahore Park which also accommodates the elitist Lahore Polo Club in its premises had a rather interesting policy towards the public. Those coming in through the general entrance had to buy tickets never mind if most of them came from low-income groups whose main avenue of recreation is the handful of parks in the city. However, its Polo Club entrance with its imposing iron gate and substantial car park was free of charge. Needless to say this entrance was also used by non-polo playing bureaucrats who live in the adjoining government officers' estate and who genuinely feel that paying for anything is a breach of their status symbol. The awam however would not dare use the free entrance for fear of being hauled up by the gate keepers trained to recognize unbranded joggers and cheaper apparel. Some time back, thanks to the Punjab CM, the charge at the park's general gate was discontinued. Now we hear the Polo Club entrance has levied a Rs 20 ticket ostensibly to finance the major renovation in the club premises including a hefty six millions just to replace the grass for the expensive ponies and their elite riders. The Polo Club also makes a killing by leasing their space for an undisclosed amount to one of the most expensive restaurant of the City owned by a lady federal minister.