AGAINST the backdrop of BJP opposing resumption of dialogue with Pakistan, L K Advani has said terrorism and Kashmir are festering sores to this day due to mishandling of Pakistan by Jawaharlal Nehru, reports The Hindustan Times. His (Nehrus) mishandling of Pakistan has left terrorism and Kashmir as two festering sores for our body politic right up to this day, Advani wrote in his blog. He quotes extensively from a recent work of renowned editor Fareed Zakaria to accuse Nehru of having pursued a weak foreign policy towards Pakistan and China, in whose favour he refused a permanent seat in the UN Security Council for India. There can hardly be a more glaring instance of Nehrujis unconcern for Indias own strategic interests than his refusal to accept a US offer in 1952 of a permanent seat in the UN Security Council. He insisted that the seat be given to China, Advani said. Sadly, the shock that Nehru suffered when confronted by Chinas gross betrayal in 1962 virtually cost him his life, he said.