KARACHI-Political confrontation is rapidly increasing in the country and PML (N) power center Punjab province has been made a battleground between the two leading parties of the country. This was stated by Sardar Raheem, PML (N) leader while talking to The Nation on Monday. He said that if PPP workers burnt the effigy of Nawaz Sharif, reaction of PML (N) workers cannot be ruled out but our top leadership controlled the workers and directed them not to adopt undemocratic style of politics. Raheem made it clear that now ball is in the court of PPP, as Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has admitted that government can take right and wrong decisions. He said as now the government has taken a wrong decision, it is the duty of PPP government to set it right for the sake of the interest of the country to keep the democratic process working. PPP led government should not interfere in the judicial affairs and must admit the independence of judiciary, he added. Commenting on his party leader Nawaz Sharifs stance on the ongoing political turmoil, he said Nawaz Sharifs point of view is for promoting democracy and in the supremacy of judiciary, and his stance is need of the hour. He said that the political history of PML (N) shows that they always tried to remain away from violent politics, and during the 'Go Musharraf Go campaign all our rallies and demonstrations remained peaceful as not a single glass was broken. Raheem condemned the burning of the effigy of PML (N) leader Nawaz Sharif by PPP activists, and said that PPP should realise that it is not 1990s. On the other hand some political analysts observed that the Parliaments two important parties, which have good representation in the Parliament, the PML (N) and PML (Q) expressed clear cut opposition to PPPs decision on appointing judges. Other important political parties, currently out of the National Assembly, including Imran Khans PTI and Jamaat Islami (JI) were already opposing PPP government, and only ANP and JUI, which are part of the government, are on the governments side but in the new emerging political scenario their clear cut point of view is yet to be received. The political game will not be decided until and unless MQMs decisions come on front and they have yet to decide where to put their weight, political sources added. The sources observed that PPP Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani is still trying to defuse the tension by saying that differences between PPP government and judiciary is not like a Kashmir dispute and decisions could be right and wrong. He is open for reconciliation to continue the democratic process but the way PPP and PML (N) leaders and workers come on street against each other in various cities of Punjab province is not a good sign for democracy. It is a history of countrys politics that when any movement come out on the street of main cities of the country it at first seems weak and minor but later became volcanic, like the movement against Field Marshal Ayub Khan, PNA movement against PPPs founder leader Z.A. Bhutto, and the latest example of judicial movement against Pervez Musharraf proved to be of significant political changes in the country. The sources mentioned that those parties who already out of the democratic system wanted PML (N) to go all out against PPP government and some hidden powers would also provoke the situation, which would not be in favour of democratic system, thus, it would be better to defuse the political situation through dialogue and consultation.