KAEACHI - The President and Secretary General of All Contract Employees Association of Pakistan Post appealed to the President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Monday to regularize all contract employees working in Express Post offices as the Post Master General (PMG) Karachi Tajim Ali Shah despite the policy of the present government and clear official directives by the Director General (DG) Pakistan Post did not obey the orders of regularization of contract employees. After the revival of the democracy in the country the elected Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani while addressing the parliament announced that all contractual employees hereby would be regularised irrespective of their departments. Several departments have already followed and started acting upon the orders of the prime minister in this regard and much has been appeared on news channel and published in print media about the regularization of contractual employees of PTCL, Coast Guard, Banks, Custom and other department (central/province). However, the fate of contractual employees of the Express Post Karachi has still hanging in the balance due to this non-cooperative and adamant attitude of the PMG Karachi these contractual employees have been working since 4th September 2005. Most of the contract employees of Exp Post Karachi have crossed the eligible age for government services and now they are very much dependent on this job and they can be vulnerable to poverty and hunger and their innocent families would be the ultimate victims therefore they all have appealed to President and prime minister to exercise their powers.