It is said that worst democracy is better than good dictatorship. The simple logic behind this is that Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. In our struggle for independence of judiciary, we had forgotten the basic fact that restoration of individual to their lost jobs is one thing and giving independence to an institution entirely else. That is what has happened as the present judiciary got restored but has done nothing to alleviate sufferings of people. Those who are mired in a case in a court somewhere would vouch for the suffering they are going through despite tall claims of post-restoration revolution. Instead of embarking on Swiss cases against others, if the superior judiciary had focused on cleansing itself of corruption, we would have been better served. But media is glamour, popularity a dream and we, the Pakistanis, are hooked to the killer sport that is pursued in our courtrooms in the name of public interest litigation. So we are having thrill to our fill as first Zardari, with characteristic flourish, ignored recommendations of the Supreme Court, then, the Chief justice snapped back by suspending Presidents orders the same way. Can anyone quote a single instance of this kind of institutional high drama taking place anywhere else in whole modern world? A civilized nation would have bathed in sweat watching this mockery of our institutions. The old fears that the Army may step in to pack off the entire system are resurgent, however stretched and unrealistic they might be. That appointment of one judge or other can endanger the whole system is a sad commentary on us. Is this not sufficient proof that we are not-quite-good-enough as a nation? In a civilized countries, these are simple, routine matters. Why should the appointment of a judge, one way or the other, shake the whole system? I think the domain of every institution is clear and defined in the constitution. Respect each other and work jointly for this very unlucky country that willy-nilly has to do with you wherever you are incharge. DR ABID RAUF ORAKZAI, Islamabad, February 15